About DPS


    reliable: worthy of reliance or trust: “a reiable source of information”; “a dependable worker” consistent in performance or behavior; “dependable in one’s habits”; “a steady-going family man” financially sound; “a good investment; “a secure investment”

  • PRINT•ER |’PRIN-TUR| noun

    equipment used to make prints; “The printer is jammed”; “Use the printer to make the report” prone to break, jam or cease function

  • SUP•PORT |SE-‘PoRT| transitive verb

    give moral or psychological support, aid or courage to; “she supported him during the illness” the activity of providing for or maintaining by suppling with money or necessities; supporting structure that holds up or provides a foundation; “the statue stood on a marble support” the act of bearing the weight of or strengthening; “he leaned against the wall for support”


Dependable Printer Support, Inc. was started in 1992, and has grown over the past 24 years into one of the Willamette Valley’s most depended on Hewlett-Packard sales and equipment service providers.

DPS is dedicated to...

  • Customer service

  • Same day next day service

  • Quick response

  • Highest quality products and services

  • Competitive pricing

  • Earning your business daily

  • Computer and Network installation

  • Toner, ink and Plotter paper supplies

  • Quality office equipment for the home and Business office

  • Locations in Portland and Salem.

  • Shipping anywhere is the USA.

  • Guaranteed Refurbished printers and copiers.